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Tex Cargo

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Customs Brokerage and Trade Compliance


We offer to our customers a proffesional expertise advice in clearing of goods through customs barriers. we have the knowledge and experience you need to navigate in the complicated importing and exporting regulations, all designed to reduce the risk associated with their import and export procedures.

  • The customs Brokerage includes

  • Complete advice for  special   Imports and Exports  regulations

  • Clearance  of imported and export goods

  • Pre-Inspection cargo

  • Harmonized System Code Classification

  • Preparation of documents, licenses, certifications,   electronic submissions, the calculation and payment of taxesduties and excises against Taxes and Customs National Bereau (DIAN), Port or  Sanitary authorities. 

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Cargo Assurance

Thinking of covering the risk factors to which the cargo is exposed during the logistics chain, Tex Cargo has carried out an advantageous negotiation with first level insurers, of an insurance policy with coverage and competitive rates for our clients , therefore we are in the ability to include within our portfolio of services the all-risk cargo policy (Full Cover) with door-to-door coverage.

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Agenciamiento aduanero
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International Trade Advisory Services

Tex cargo provides support to customer in their import and export viability projects to improve their import/export performance and to penetrate potential markets.
Throught this service our client can have acces to following Information:

  • Export/Import  documentation requirements

  • Barriers to import in Local  Markets (prohibited imports, duties, license requirements)

  • Importation   Requirements for specific products (labeling, health, technical and safety standards)

  • Benefits of bi-lateral and multi-lateral trade agreements

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Warehousing in Free Trade Zone

OTM Transportation for storage and for clearance of import goods offers the following benefits for the customers:

  • Good processing and assembly to export or Import clearance

  • Goods labelling and packing before import clearance or dispatch abroad

  • Warehousing  with no time limitation to make clearance of import  cargo 

  • Cargo partial withdrawal from the free trade area according to the sales needs of customers relieving their  cash flow.

  • Inventory control systems and local distribuition.

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Manejo de mercancía en zona franca
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OTM  Transportation

Tex Cargo offers Multimodal Transportation for specific import case where the cuctomers will find some advantages suach as:

  • Operative control from origin to destination with a single contract coverage

  • Import duties and taxes will be paid only in the place of delivery of cargo  which could be a free trade aerea or customs enable deposit

  •  Special treatment from customs authorities  in the port entry that reduces delivery time of goods

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International Transportation Cargo

The International trade specialized service allows us  to offer transportation  solutions for all kind of cargo  locally  and worlwide, where Tex Cargo offer a value-added overcoming the obstacles that face each of our customers in the logistic supply chain.

We offer International transportation solutions tailored  for different  customer needs  with no limitation in the geografic location, weight, dimension  and kind of product

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International sea, air and road transportation

Tex Cargo is a member of international cargo agent networks worldwide , which allows the possibility of having a portfolio of specialized transportation solutions in all modalities, for all types of cargo and in any geographical location.

Global Seafreight

  • Containerized cargo transportation

  • Less-than-container Load (LCL)

  • Break Bulk cargo transportation

  • Dangerous good transportation

  • Reefer and perishables

  • Project logistics


  • Airfreight products

  • Special transport Service door to door

  • Aircharter services

Road Cargo Transportation

  • Transportion  from ports and to port for FCL and LCL

  • Transit from ports to Free Trade Zone and customs enable deposit

  • Breakbulk transportation cargo

  • National distribution cargo

  • Reefer transportation cargo

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