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Preguntas frecuentes para Agentes de Carga

  • What is an International Freight Forwarder?
    ACI is a legal entity whose corporate purpose includes, among others, the following activities: Coordinate and organize shipments, consolidate export cargo or de-consolidate import cargo, issue or receive from abroad the transport documents of its activity. The ACI acts on behalf of third parties as a coordinator between cargo generators and effective cargo carriers.
  • What is Dangerous Cargo?
    It is the one that is officially classified as dangerous, as well as those that could become dangerous, according to the United Nations classification.
  • What is a general average?
    Intentionally caused damage to a ship or to the goods it transports to avoid further damage to the ship itself or its cargo. Its amount is distributed proportionately among the parties benefiting from that intentional conduct (owner of the ship, owner of the goods, insurer, charterer, etc).
  • What are INCOTERMS?
    The Incoterms are the acronym in English for "International Commercial Terms" (International Terms of Commerce), issued by the International Chamber of Commerce who has been in charge since 1936 of the elaboration and updating of these terms according to the changes that are going emerging in international trade. Incoterms 2010 are currently in force (since January 1, 2011). These are intended to establish the responsibilities and rights between buyer and seller or exporter and importer, defining responsibilities such as what will be the point of delivery and means of transport, on the inclusion or not of insurance and responsibility for documentation, among other points.

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